We really like our clients and we go the extra mile to impress them. It’s quite simple: our team is your team. We also love our country and believe in the importance of reviving the American Spirit and restoring the American Dream.

At Ace Specialties, we thrive on contributing to the success of our clients by offering USA Made merchandise specific to their needs. We love collaborating with them to provide extraordinary products worth talking about…all the while knowing that we are also contributing to the hard working Americans who create those products.

Sure, you can call our business small, but our craving for big results is insatiable. We know that by promoting USA-Made products, encouraging our customers to choose them, and challenging other companies to do the same can make a huge impact. Buying American, supporting American businesses and American workers is something Ace Specialties strongly believes in and stands behind.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, our large warehouse hosts all the latest Made in the USA products waiting to promote your business. From headwear to footwear, from office needs to social events, there are no orders too big or too small for Ace Specialties.

And we don’t stop there! Our finely tuned services include not only product customization, but also design services, in-house decoration, e-commerce solutions, merchandise warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, along with first-rate customer service...all within the USA.